Monday, April 26, 2010

far back boys

damn i havent done this since october! sorry.

so update update update! just a whole lot of nothing, i think thats why i havent updated this in so long. this weekend we just had a contest at Queens beach in waikiki and i got 5th, not quite what i wanted. so it was a lot tougher than people were expecting but there was great surfing going down all weekend!



1-zek lau

2-seth moniz

3-tom williams

4-cole yamakawa


6-kylen yamakawa


1-scotty (last name)

2-kainoa haas

3-davin jaimie

and yeah, thats all i can really remember but it is a super sick contest and it was supporting a good cause. check out the website:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HSA event #4

so we had a HSA event at Rennicks this past weekend and i did alright...2nd i lost to kaito who was busting his usual air reverses . i came close, one judge giving me a 15.50 out of 20. only losing to kaito by half a point (16.00). the waves were pretty sick, like 2-3 but it seemed like everywhere but rennicks was catching the swell. Cole got 3rd and E.J. got 4th. now i think im in first for the ratings in jr. mens and i really want to keep this lead for the rest of the year (E.j. is in second now)

i didnt get to do open mens this time because i wasnt even sure if i wanted to do the contest. i had not surfed ing 2 weeks and i was kind of off my game, but i pulled it off kinda :]

hahaha i have a english project that im super behind in and so thats what im going to be focusing on during my furlough fridays, unfortunately.

Halloween is coming up...any ideas?

almost a month

this past month so far has been a lot of skating and a little bit of surfing. basically the break was all skating 2 days of surfing. we adventured to kaneohe once but stuck to crane and a'ala park for the skate side of the coin. i surfed some epic kaisers.

pictures up later.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


ugh! so im sick, this sucks because fall break is coming up in a week, and i dont want to be sick for that!

classes are almost out for the first quarter and im trying to finish up any kind of work i can. trying to get the highest possible grades i can. im at 97% in trig/pre-calc!!! thats the only class im sure im getting an A in so yah, im proud. what of it?! hahaha i joke i joke. but not really.

Monday, September 28, 2009

sunday sand bar

surfed north with dane and alex. we surfed left-overs then ehukai-pupukea. there were some fun waves, just little drainers. Kaz showed up and we filmed for his webisode series NovusSwell.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

HSA #3

so today was the third event of the HSA series, and it was at queens. i got 4th in open mens and jr mens. i should have done way better in open mens but the judges didnt see my other two waves. just one of them, so i had basically no fight chance at winning...

but all in all, it was a fun day at the beach.

Friday, September 25, 2009

finally i surfed...

so, i finally surfed yesterday. i havent surfed since saturday because i have no motivation to surf anymore, but i have a contest on saturday and so i need to get my balls straight and in the right place. i had fun, the waves werent the best but still fun.

my friend nathan finally surfed after like 2 months of a disappearance, i think he gave up on surfing because he broke his wrist around the same time i fractured mine.

okay so my foot is super sore and swollen, so surfing hurts. but im hoping today i get to surf good waves without the pain.

contest tomorrow! wish me luck :]