Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HSA event #4

so we had a HSA event at Rennicks this past weekend and i did alright...2nd i lost to kaito who was busting his usual air reverses . i came close, one judge giving me a 15.50 out of 20. only losing to kaito by half a point (16.00). the waves were pretty sick, like 2-3 but it seemed like everywhere but rennicks was catching the swell. Cole got 3rd and E.J. got 4th. now i think im in first for the ratings in jr. mens and i really want to keep this lead for the rest of the year (E.j. is in second now)

i didnt get to do open mens this time because i wasnt even sure if i wanted to do the contest. i had not surfed ing 2 weeks and i was kind of off my game, but i pulled it off kinda :]

hahaha i have a english project that im super behind in and so thats what im going to be focusing on during my furlough fridays, unfortunately.

Halloween is coming up...any ideas?

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