Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i think im gonna start...

blogging from my travel industry class. its the only time im at a computer and i have nothing else to do but this. so i might as well do it.

the weekend was pretty epic.

Friday: was skate from like 4-12pm and we were just maama jamming it, so it was akoni, kaimana, and i just skating crane park on the little black rail that we have. then we decided it was getting boring and so we went to look for a couple spots to hit up...we started skating down kapahulu, found a pretty sick wall thing to gap onto a large step that lead to a bench then the sidewalk. then we found a wall by the bank of hawaii, which was like a 4-almost 5ft drop from the parking lot, and we do that. then headed to taco bell for some grub. skated to paki and then hit up jefferson elem. school. caught the bus through waikiki then went to washington middle school and skated the 3 and 4 stairs. i tried to lip the handrail but it was a horrible fail. everybody left and i ended up just skating this random park by myself.

saturday: went to north shore because we thought the waves were going to be pretty epic, which they werent!!!!! it was flat, and we surfed ehukai finless best part of north shore that day. then we surfed gas chambers which was pretty hallow, but there were a bunch of little girls regulating, and im not going to fight for a tiny wave from a tiny girl. so we dug out. went to the pali. there is this 45ft rock cliff and a pond/stream at the bottom and a mini waterfall. we were all jumping the rock which was like a 3 second free fall, which is super crazy if you have ever been in a free fall. craziest adrenaline rush, right next to base jumping. but yah, we filmed a funny video called the pali prowler, which is about a insane murder...well just look for it on youtube soon. you'll see what its about.

sunday: was my chill day. just laundry, watch football, watch the dew tour. and sleep :] what a wonderful way to end an epic weekend.

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