Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sandy six

the sandy six is a huge, i mean HUGE, six stairs at ala moana beach park. its super crazy...like i was scared to do it but i tried. akoni tried. kaimana tried. nick, terrance (terr bear), and troy fagged out. hahahaha. if i did think about things i wouldnt have done it, but i dont so i did. eventually we gave up just sitting around, so we went to the "3 flat 3 flat 3 flat 3" its pretty much exactly what the name is. 3 stairs short flat, another 3 stairs, another flat, then another 3 stairs, and a flat, and finally another 3 stairs. we skated it for a little till the janitor kicked us off the property. so it was off to ross/sport's authority.

i finally found a black V-neck shirt...its pretty hard to find. so akoni and i got them. we were just walking around and around looking for nothing, but anything. its quite fun, like window shopping. then at sport's authority they like changed everything up. its soooo much better now, they have everything out. and it seems super awesome. hahahaha yah then we chilled at in4mation, recently renovated into a chill spot/store. then home for some grub :D

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