Friday, September 18, 2009

sorry, its been a while...

so i have been getting really busy lately. i have had surfing and skating on my platter, and school on my mind, all the time. im trying not to fail in my AP english class, but im not doing so well, as of right now im getting like 35% but with this newscast project we are doing, its most definately going to come up.

surf has been pretty good lately, like 2-3, up and down, but over all uncrowded fun :] i had a contest last weekend at Queens Beach, called "Come Surf with the King" and i got 3rd, losing to cole and kaito...again! im getting tired of losing to these youngens, and i always feel like i can never get a second good score, its like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. so im woking on that. but congrats to those guys. my brothers good friend, Justin, made the final. he got fouth and won a surfboard! so stoked for him. he is supe happy too, because it was the first contest that he actually had to surf to make the final. it wasnt a shoe-in for him.

skating has been petty awesome too. i havent really gotten hurt, except fo yesterday. lately me and my friend akoni have been skating at crane pak, and we have been bringing a rail, which is extreme fun because its waxed perfectly, and also a quarter pipe, and a kicker. its like our own mini skate park minus the crowd. its just all people we know, so its like total domination. yesterday i hurt my foot and now im walking funny. my big toe on my right foot looks like a chode, hehehe jk. but its kinda swollen and little bit bruised. i think its spranged pretty bad, but good enough for me to keep skating and mst importantly walk. i hurt it trying to tail stall shove-it out on the quarter pipe at crane. i got really close, but all my weight landed on that one pat of my foot...hurts but whatevers.

my friend kylen hurt his foot too, but he had to get stitches and he has a hard time walking. but he will be fine in a couple more days, hopefully better the next suf contest on sunday. but yah his was a surfing inscedent. but yah, hope it gets bette buddy!!!!

oh yah, i joined soccer! i decided to join because akoni was joining and it would give me more motivation to keep my grades up...double plus! Zing! hahaha but the coach of the socce team at my school, is one of the coaches for the suf team and the marine science/physics teacher, and i have messed with him so so so much, so i think he is going to get back at me with running and push-ps and sit-ups, etc. this is going to be rough :[ but im going to be super fit for surfing, its going to be geat cross training :]

well, idk when the next time ill do this will be, so till then

adios muchachos!

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