Friday, August 28, 2009

skating-surfing: wed-thurs

wednesday i went skating at Aala skate park because there was a demo and stephen jonoski and dylan rider were there and they were crazy. they are sooooooooooooooo good, stephen skated so smooth and dylan did the craziest tricks. there were a lot of people there and the crowd was getting kind of ridiculous but akoni, kaimana, kaulana, and i found the back section quite fun. we were just chilling practicing our flat land and the little slope stuff.

thursday, i went surfing at kaisers and it was fun sean, satar, alex, justin, and dane were just chilling in the bowl, taking over as usual. the waves were fun, i landed a bunch of tail wafts. but i cant grab still because of my wrists :[ but this is teaching me how to not rely on the "safety grab" so when my wrists are 100% ill be all over it!

school is very boring, im gonna skate then i have a sample sale to go to with Kaz, then idk maybe hit the streets in waikiki. let me know if you want to chill. hit me up!

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