Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Again with the blogging...

Okay okay so yah this blog thing seems pretty sick, so im going to try and be like kylen and try to keep up with this new age web stuff.

so i moved to the big leagues. i stopped the myspace blogs and i got my own space :]

Today with a wonderful day for anything outdoors. it was just really really really really hot. so instead of skating, which i planned to do, i jumped in the water for an epic session at ze kaiser bowl mang. it was Alex, justin, darian, and kyle...the usual S. Groms (S stands for sh!t) hehehe oh and satar. we had a fins free competition. that means, any trick that involve the fins coming out of the water, airs, throw tails, chop hops, anything, just get those fins out of the water. satar ended up winning with a massive tail whip snap thingy. it was almost an air but not quite. i almost had him with a throw tail off the bowl, but it got super shallow and i bailed on impact.

school has been super hetic. im trying to drop my AP Lit class but my teacher wont let me because im obligated. but im failing and i think i should be able try something easier if the level im at now is too much for me right????

oh yah sorry colby, i was too lazy to bike it down to the park so i just hit up kaisers because of the closeness. colby has been trying to get me to go out and shoot(photoshoot) with him for sometime now. and everytime i flake out. i really have to work on a lot of things. i need to reform myself. starting tomorrow i will do it and keep you posted on it.

AND...if you want to read about the life of a pro surfer go check out kylenyamakawa.blogspot.com

til the come of a new day, bon voyage :]

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