Monday, August 24, 2009

lost again...

so on this monday, i find myself pondering, thinking about anything and everything, just analyzing life. i cant help but do it when i have a solitary moment to myself.

i ended up surfing after school, which both of them were gay :[ i havent been statisfied with anything in the last few days. i need something new in my life, i need fun and excitement.

my wrist is getting better, it isnt numb anymore and it isnt super sore. i have feeling in it and i can kind of bend it without the wincing pain.

i just realized i forgot to say check out BAYVI clothing, they are my clothing sponsor and there are some amazing people behind this brand of clothing. they are so supportive in anything i do and Ron (the owner) and Leila (the wife/co-owner) have a kin sense of style for all kinds of different lifestyles. just check the site: there is a blog for the team and whats happening around the BayVI seen. but check it for yourself.

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