Thursday, August 20, 2009


okay so yesterday was a little crazy, we went to aala and makiki and for the most part i was skating with 4 possible fractures in my left hand and two spranged wrists. sleeping last night was hard, i couldnt find a comfortable position for my hands. so i kept waking up, and as a result this morning i was uper cranky. school was even worse, i was grumpy and both hands/wrists hurt so so so much. on top of that i had everyone asking what i did to my hand, so it was like answer the same question over and over and over again. I was also planning on running for homecoming king but my plans changed due to this hand. instead of going to the meeting this afternoon i went to the doctors to get this dreaded hand checked out. and guess what?! they cant even tell me til at least tomorrow :[ so idk if im going to get a cast or not. lets hope not because that means no surfing and the waterproof casts are super uncomfortable. so im MIA for the next couple of days and i might even have to not do the HSA contest on saturday if they hold it. its such a bummer injurying yourself. but yah at least we have a 3 day weekend!!!!! shootz!

watashi no kouun wo inotte kudasai

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