Wednesday, August 19, 2009

from school

so this is so in class blogging :[

economics is a pretty boring class, i havent really learned anything. but its useful and i need the credit.

i have to go to kaimuki library right after school to do a project for english. i am so far behind in english, i have like 10 points out of like 245 already and it ridiculous. I need to learn how not to give up on my work.

ceramics was fun today. i had a clay fight with my friend Akoni. he has the gnarliest collar bones. they like pop out and they are kind of crooked but they are cool. so the story was: someone in another class made a pistol revolver and so we took it shredded it into a bunch of clay chippings and i took my sake shot glass and shredded that. so we had like a shit load of shavings and sawdust that we started throwing at each other. this went on for about 30 minutes without the teacher noticing. he is super clueless. and so i was walking around with clay everywhere til lunch. oh yah we left the mess there...hehehe sorry to who every had to clean it.

now im in an air conditioned room full of computers, supposedly researching the anglo-saxon period. but im doing this.

i think im going to surf after the library if i dont go to the airport to meet a friend.

oh shnap!!! im going to the kaimuki library!!!! that means im going to be by jewel or juice!!!! acai bowl here i come!!!! im seriously addicted to those things and jewel or juice makes like the best ones. im so down to go there anyday so just let me know.

tapa nakada nabaga boonda!

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